Why I wrote these things

The software I write in my free time are mostly small tools and games that I wanted to have but no one wrote yet. Or maybe a simillar tool was there but it was not available for free or as an open-source program.

What I wrote so far

I made a todo-list tool, TGTD. It works as a Jabber bot and acts like your personal secretary: You enter a list of things you do not want to forget and the bot will send you a reminder over Jabber whenever you ask him (via Jabber) or your Jabber-presence information indicates that you arrived at another workspace, etc. Since the entire user interface is text based you do not need to run yet another program to be reminded of something. A normal Jabber client is enough.

I wrote a logo editor, CowonEdit, for my (previous) MP3-Player, a Cowon iAudio 7. Unfortunately the display on the device was shattered shortly after I completed the program. Therefore it is unlikely that I will continue its development.

I implemented the korean game Omok. The game is not finished yet. However it is already playable and it comes as a client, which also allows two players to play against each other in front of one screen, as well as playing against each other over the internet. To do that you must run the server part on a host which is not behind a NAT.